The lyrics for the song on the video:

When matter is created antimatter tags along,
but since we do not see it we know something must be wrong…
they should be pulled together because gravity is near,
but then they would annihilate and we would not be here!

If there is both a matter and an antimatter clique
and each one hates the other but to their own kind they stick,
It solves the world’s most vexing and most Cosmic mystery
if antimatter also comes with antigravity.

Now Einstein showed that space is curved with Relativity
and Feynman’s lectures tell us that QM must also be
(but) the quantum foam that it requires makes bumpy spatial stew
and forces would be infinite so they can’t both be true…

And meanwhile all the afterglow from early Cosmic days
Tells us that things must have expanded in some funky ways
It seems as though our growing list of theories might be ruined
because the whole caboodle has to be so finely tuned

If antimatter charges can smooth out the quantum soup
and expansion happened smoothly ‘cause of pushing between groups
It could solve the three most vexing of the Cosmic mysteries
if antimatter also comes with antigravity.

When Rubin saw that galaxies were spinning way too fast
and she could not explain it using theories from the past
dark matter was invented by those trying to explain
why they can’t spin more slowly without going down the drain…

But galaxies are spread too thin and much too far away —
the rate they are receding at is faster every day
to fix this up we had to add a new dark energy
but dark stuff now must be much more than everything we see.

If matter-antimatter pairs could amplify the force
(and) the two push off each other as explained before, of course!
It could solve the five most vexing of the Cosmic mysteries
if antimatter also comes with antigravity.

Oh won’t you come and join us on our quest to go and see
if antimatter really comes with antigravity!